Who would have thought that life changes so quickly…?
The pandemic also presented us with new challenges. Being happy to keep our confectionery sales open in the first lockdown – where our gastronomy colleagues had to close down – was difficult. We and our team made an effort not only to see the negative in the crisis, but to move forward positively and strike out in new directions in our craft business…. With the second lockdown in November, to focus on what we have, what and who is important to us, that we can be grateful for our health, for our family and our employees, for our work, for the people who keep our country running. Thank you We and our girls are still overwhelmed and very happy that so many customers, regular customers and partners have given us such great support.
Thank you very much for that! “Thanks to YOU” we were able to do without all state aid until today – this is also our goal for 2021… We and our girls team wish you all a good start and hopefully a better New Year and look forward to continue baking many delicacies Thank you family Jachmich -Kleimann our girls Leonie Christina Anwesa Ayano Lena